I met two really sweet girls after the Darren show who I answered questions for and gah I can’t remember your names or anything but like, I wanted to say you girls are SUPER SWEET AND ADORABLE AND I HOPE YOU HAD ALL THE FUN AND MAKE YOURSELVES KNOWN SO I CAN FANGIRL AND KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

See more lovely people in NYC and Boston and Silver Spring!!

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OK so I tweeted at Paul and Broadway.com about the song I wanted Darren to cover. Imagine this, Darren, Theo, Neal and Chris Lorentz on this song…. I have actually wanted this for 2 years now….


I was watching that movie the other day, it’s so funny.

Tarra and I as well as Steph and I were talking about it this morning, and this needs to happen though

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Welcome to ListenUp-Tour, your everything Listen Up Tour 1 stop blog!

This blog will catalog all the press, fan videos, great fan photos from tour and turn it into a organized blog with, city tags, video tags, song tags, merch tags ect for you.


If you want to submit photos/videos for us to include, please fee free to submit the link to our submit box!

This Blog will keep me sane in the Darren madness

Hotels Near The Phoenix Concert Theatre!!

Me Again, this time a lovely user asked me my suggestions for hotels in the area of The Phoenix for Darren’s tour

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Remember that The Phoenix is located at 410 Sherbourne St (between Carlton & Wellesley).

Google’s #1 suggestion is the Best Western at the corner of Carlton & Jarvis - pretty affordable and pretty close if you want to go between the two places. The 3 (B, C & D) on the map that are one street over a little bed & breakfasts/inns so they could be on the pricier side. 

I hope this helps! Feel free to message me if you have more questions, or if you’ve stayed in the area before & can offer advice!!

alexeidarling asked:

Questions for Toronto because I feel like you're the person to go to - does the Toronto venue have an upstairs (I heard you talking about that on the video and that actually might be ideal for me)? Are there restaurants nearby? And if I want to be standing around the middle (or upstairs) and don't have VIP, what's the earliest I should be there? Thanks millions!

Hey hey! Thanks so much for reaching out with questions! I’ve made a post on my blog with all the answers so everyone has the info & I tagged you :D. Let me know if you have more questions!!

A Little Map of The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto: LISTEN UP TOUR

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So I got an ask about Restaurants in the area of The Phoenix Concert Theatre for Darren Criss’s LISTEN UP Tour Stop on June 13th. The venue itself is located on Sherbourne St. - about halfway between Carlton St & Wellsley St.

The map shows all the restaurants in the area :)

And to answer the other questions in the ask, considering that the Toronto stop of the tour is on a Wednesday, you will probably be safe getting there early/mid afternoon if you want to be somewhere in the middle of the crowd. There will be those diehards that are getting there at like 6am to be in the very front and then you have the VIPs of course but I think you’d be safe with early/mid afternoon - I know my friends & I will be tweeting from the Real Team Toronto Twitter from the line the whole day.

As for the ‘loft’ I mentioned in the live chat that the venue has, here is the information I got directly from the venue!!


I hope that helps Darren friends! See you in June & hit me up if you have more questions!

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