All right, we can’t contain the news anymore - I am beyond excited to announce that I’m going on a massive tour this spring co-headlining with the marvelous Alexz Johnson!! And we’re bringing Misty Boyce and Jay Stolar to open for us! Will we see you there? xoxoxo CK & co. REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG!

So excited to have everyone back for their show at the Silver Dollar Room!!! It is gonna be a PARTY!!!

Freelance Whales Take Over The MOD Club


Okay so last night I travelled to my apparent favourite concert venue in the city (seriously all my major concerts have been here), the MOD Club. This is the same club Team Starkid played at as well as R5, it’s a decent size and the lighting is always killer & the layout is great.

Anyway it turned out that a bunch of people I knew were there, Jen, Evelyn, Melissa, Dawn and a couple others. We all really enjoyed ourselves I think. I know I did.

The opening act for Freelance Whales was this band from Florida called Under Waters. Chuck said that they had never seen snow before in their lives and commented how pretty it looked outside. “But we all know that that’s a lie,” he commented, “We know it’s going to turn grey like tomorrow and be gross” Agree Chuck, completely understand that sentiment. Snow aside, the band was really good; if you like the Whales you will love the opening act. 

Freelance Whales’s set was a great mixture of new stuff and older stuff. The songs off Weathervanes obviously got louder cheers but they played all the favourites (besides We Used To Be Friends, I clearly remember NOT hearing that one because all my friends have that in their top 3 favourites.) Each time I see the Whales I have to remember that they call all play like every instrument available to them. Each song it seemed that somebody swapped it up so they were playing something different. It REALLY makes me wish I stuck the Xylophone or glockenspiel in elementary school, then I could be in an awesome indie band too ;)


After the show Chuck, Judah and Doris came out and mingle with fans so we got to chat with Chuck for a bit; compared Montreal & Toronto poutines, talked how a show where he was allowed to play EVERY Freelance song would be awesome and a couple other things plus pictures but yeah overall, killer night! Topped off with Shenanigans because when aren’t things?


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